Business partners

To join Idénergie as a partner is to join a dynamic team with an objective to develop better solutions in clean technologies. Our first innovation is a small scale river turbine for which the worldwide interest is rapidly increasing. Furthermore, the fast growing market of renewables has urged us to widen our area of operation by creating a network of highly qualified partners. By joining Idénergie as a partner, you are guaranteed full corporation and ensured a long-term business relationship. We are looking for business partners, distributors, installers, partners in the production and deployment of our turbine (governmental and non-governmental organizations). Our agreements are adapted to the needs of our partner and take into account specific characteristics of the market and the area of operation. Our efforts in R&D, as well as in marketing, associated with your local expertise, will allow Idénergie to market an efficient product adapted to the needs of your customers.

What are the advantages of a partnership with Idénergie?

Idénergie guarantees the necessary resources as well as the support needed by our partners, including:

  1. An efficient, state of the art product.
  2. A training session as well as all the relevant technical information about the installation, performance monitoring and maintenance.
  3. A preferential price for the purchase of the first river turbine intended for demonstration and for bulk purchases.
  4. Technical support and personalized service.
  5. All promotional material necessary for the sale of the river turbine, available in three languages ​​(French, English and Spanish). Translation to another language may be possible with the cooperation of partner.

What is Idénergie looking for in its partners?

Our success depends on our network of partners and the solid relationships we’ve established. We are looking to build solid partnerships with experts around the world to increase access to renewable energy:

  1. Idénergie expects to have access to important information about the market including penetration prerequisites and growth data to assess the potential of the market.
  2. Idénergie expects to be kept informed about the marketing plan including the capacity of purchase, the sale strategy and the network of contacts.
  3. Idénergie also takes into account relevant experience in the renewable energy industry and all related fields in our choice of partners in order to strengthen the local expertise and become a leader in the industry.
  4. The partner has to be aware of the rules, regulations and the authorization process in his area of operation. Idénergie can supply the necessary documents to facilitate the authorization process.

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