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Evaluate your energy consumption


Every piece of electrical equpment consumes a certain amount of energy daily, which depends on how much power it draws – measured in watts – and how long it’s being used. Multiplying these two values yields the energy consumed, expressed in watt-hours (Wh). For instance, a 40 W lightbulb being used for 2 hours will consume:

40 W x 2 h = 80 Wh

Here are a few examples:




Consumes approximately 1500 Wh a day, for a 62.5 W average, throughout the day

Microwave oven

Consumes approximately 1200 W, for a few minutes every day (a total of 100 Wh for 5 minutes)

LED lighting

Consumes only 10 to 20 W, for a few hours every day (a 15 W LED lamp on for 5 hours will have consumed 75 Wh).


The app will ask you a few questions on your home appliance use habits in order to draw up a rough energy balance sheet to estimate your energy consumption.

Maximum power represents the energy consumed instantaneously if all appliances were on at the same time. It is used to size the inverter.

Daily consumption tells you how much energy is consumed by your appliances every day on average. It sets the lower bound of the minimum energy your renewable system will have to provide.


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Identify renewable energy sources




If you choose photovoltaic panels as an option, the system will ask you a few details to determine the solar energy potential of your home’s roof.







Roof slope angle

Depending on the roof’s slope, the solar power generated may vary. The ideal roof angle is about 30 degrees.


Roof orientation

Depending on the roof’s orientation, the solar power generated may vary. The ideal roof orientation is south in the Northern hemisphere, and north in the Southern hemisphere.
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Sunshine hours vary widely depending on latitude and local weather conditions. The system will take your geographic situation into account.



If you choose the river turbine as an option, the system wils ask you details regarding the (1) flow velocity of your river at its highest (typically in springtime) and at its lowest (typically in July) to determine how much energy could potentially be produced though the year and (2) how far your home is from the river. This will be used to calculate the cost of the required TECK90 cable.



River flow velocity
At its highest (spring) and lowest (July) during the year, to estimate potential energy generation thoughout the year.
Distance from river to home
Used the calculate required TECK90 cable length.




Should you choose the hybrid energy system option, the algorithm will present you with different scenarios, with different solar panel and river turbine configurations.




You will be asked which months of the year the residence is occupied. This gives the system the ability to consider varying energy potentials during the year. For instance, the river turbine will typically provide more energy during the spring or fall, but comparably less in the middle of the summer. In contrast, solar panels work best in the summer but start becoming less productive in the fall. This information is also used to estimate gas generator fuel costs.

Select the months when the residence is occupied


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Get an idea of system size and costs


Based on the data you provided, the algorithm will present you with various suggestions, with or without river turbines, as may be the case. These systems will be designed to meet your energy needs and storage capacity requirements.
These systems are available as kits including all the required hardware for electrical connections.
Please note these approximate costs only include equipment. You should keep in mind that a professional installer’s services may be worth about 25-30 % of the total bill. Idénergie also offers, through its online store, options such as precabling, allowing you to save thousands of dollars on installation costs.



Calculer payback


The system will ask you whether you own a gas generator, its nominal power and average time of use. Fuel consumption remains relatively steady even though your electricity use while the ganartor is running may vary. It is thus possible to get an idea of how much you spend in fuel and how many years are required for payback on your investment..






Photovoltaic panels and converters

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