Switching to green power allows you to enjoy a stable, continuous and environmentally friendly source of energy.

In order to generate your own power and even sell it back if your installation is grid-tied, you will need to identify which energy sources are best for you, evaluate your energy consumption and choose your equipment such as converters, cables and batteries.

In order to facilitate the switch to renewables, we have developed a range of energy solutions adpated to your location and your energy requirements. We have imagined and defined complete installation kits to make your life easier and even save money if you decide not to use an installer’s services.


Which kit for which user?
Idénergie has developed an online application to help you out!


Get a first estimate of your energy consumption thanks to our online app! Based on your needs and your geographic location, the app will give you a first estimate and point to the kit that best suits your situation.


Photovoltaic panels and converters

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River Turbine

Generate energy from a nearby river

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