Many NGOs and government agencies have set themselves the goal of improving isolated populations’ access to electricity, thus contributing to these communities’ economic development.

Idénergie is determined to contribute to this goal by offering its expertise with a collaborative manner to these local and international organizations.

The alliance of solar and hydraulic energy may be optimized in order to cover essential electricity needs, whatever the climate.

Realization 2016: Idénergie worked with a Canadian government agency

Idénergie has been working with Parks Canada and Hostelling International to install nearly ten river tubines in Alberta during the summer of 2016.

Eight sites were selected around Jasper and Lake Louise to pressent this technology.

These river turbines were installed over a period of 12 days and have powered isolated campgrounds, providing visitors with basic services.

The river turbine has contributed to power services such as lighting, Wi-Fi stations, water pumps, and remote emergency signal stations as well.

These new services, powered by renewable energy, led to a reduction in gas-generator use and have improved visitor comfort during the summer.

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