Idénergie’s river turbine viewed over 25 million times

Idénergie is currently experiencing a period of great international exposure. Videos of its river turbine have been seen millions of time on social media. Its technology has also sparked the interest of numerous business media sites and blogs from many parts of the world.

For instance, the Idénergie river turbine appeared on This Is Brainy, a Facebook page with 1.2 million followers worldwide. Their video has already been viewed over 15 million times.



Sites such as Business Insider and Digital Trends, which reaches 25 million users every month, have published articles about the technology. The river turbine also drew the attention of a number of blogs from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Turkey and the United States. A non-exhaustive list of these websites may be found below.

According to data gathered by Idénergie over the past few weeks, the dozen-strong team has received about 550 information requests over five weeks, originating from 87 different countries. Talks are ongoing towards the establishment of international partnerships.

The exceptional exposure we have been experiencing is very encouraging and confirms that our technology has great potential. Exports will help grow Quebec’s economy, and overseas as well, since many countries need energy to support their economic development. We are currently actively seeking partners to assist us with our commercialization efforts.”, said Idénergie CEO Pierre Blanchet.

Idénergie now hopes to adapt power electronics platform developed for the turbine to produce a new generation of solar converters. For those interested in joining our adventure, we also offer investment opportunities in this promising sector.

For more information about our converter : 



The website, “a blog run by fans, for fans” that shares many tips and tricks on various topics such as innovation, art and design as well as music and movies first approached Idénergie to share content on the river turbine. Their video has quickly reached 1.5 million views on their Facebook page.



Interesting Engineering, a magazine specializing in engineering and technology, that connects approximately 7 million people, also relayed the information. The video, viewed millions times so far and shared tens of thousands of times, is stirring the enthusiasm of many curious users.



GI Gadgets (Genius Inspired Gadgets) is a social media platform about future technology branding itself as one where “fans have the final say”. Their video already has over 8 million views.


TheLADbible is a website with a reach of 150 million users a week. It too shared a very popular video:


Facebook page 5-Minute Crafts, with close to 20 million followers, also shared the technology, with a video viewed nearly 1,5 million times.





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