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The river turbine package includes :

  • Idenergie’s River Turbine
  • Installation included
  • Renewable energy kit (inverter + charge controller)
  • 20 kWh battery storage
  • 3 months parts and labor limited warranty
  • 2 year of warrantee on generator*
    *Extended warranty available

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Installation Gear

Installation Gear

Helmet, gloves, carabiners, security rope, life jacket, crampons, all necessary equipment for a secure and efficient installation. Also including on demand, tying device for rocks, hammer, drill, steel cable. Training sessions available.

Renewable energy kit

Renewable energy kit

All indoor electrical converters, pre-wired, to connect the turbine directly to the system and start producing electricity. Including batteries, charge controler, inverter, river turbine monitoring device. Dimensions will vary according to power production and consumption.

Idénergie's Accessories

Idénergie's Accessories

All accessories and spare parts available including Idenergie's submarine power cable with hydroproof male connector, marine grade cable (for long distances on ground), river turbine monitoring device, river turbine blades including plastic inserts.