New cleatech to save the planet.

In order to curb global warming, research and innovation must be put foward. Idénergie’s river turbine featured in L’Actualité as one of the technology that can contribute in remplacing the use of oil, coal and gaz. Click here to read all about it.



A Quebec company conquers the Rockies

Montreal based, Idénergie, plans to install ten river turbines in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks in Alberta and British Columbia starting in the spring of 2016, particularly in Jasper and Banff parks. You will find more information on the NOVAE blog post! Click here to read all about it.

Producing energy thanks to the current of a river? A first and an interesting alternative to solar power

” On this planet, thousands of people are still without power, especially in remote rural areas. So, here and there, scientists are looking for solutions. This (the river turbine), for example, might be the solution for thousands of villages without power located along the rivers. This could be a revolution. ” Click here to read all about it.

A river turbine to power isolated areas

“What if a small river turbine and its kits could power isolated areas? It is the objective of the Canadian start-up Idénergie [..] “. Take a look at the article published on the blog FutureMag in connection with the report: ” Draw energy from the river “. Click here.