12 kWh A DAY


    Simply from the natural flow of the river


    Two people are enough for the installation and the river turbine is operational in a couple of hours


    Our new and unique shaftless technology prevents water from leaking into the generator’s electric 100% waterproof casing


    Install several river turbines in a network to provide more energy

Idénergie’s river turbine

 Cost saving and efficient, Idénergie’s river turbine is a state-of-the-art innovation in clean technology. Equipped with multiple smart features, allowing it to function in a large number of rivers, the river turbine represents the future of renewables.


A continuous source of energy

 The river offers the best energy potential compared to other renewable sources of energy. Providing reliable and constant energy 24 hours a day, Idénergie’s river turbine can meet the electric needs of a residence by producing, at maximum capacity up to 12 kWh daily.

Easy to install

Idénergie’s river turbine is delivered disassembled, making its transportation to the most remote areas easier and facilitating its installation on site, requiring only two people and a few hours to be completed.

Network installation

Why stop at just one river turbine? Did you know that it is possible to install multiple river turbines in the same section of the river and connect them on the same battery bank in order to power an establishment with greater energy needs such as a small isolated community with low consumption.

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Low maintenance

Idénergie’s river turbine is equipped with a new type of electric generator designed and manufactured only by Idénergie. Our unique patented shaftless technology prevents any water intrusions within the generator’s electric casing making it 100% waterproof leading to an almost maintenance-free subwater generator. This limits the maintenance required to keep the turbine functioning properly and insures a long product life.

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Optimal power
any time

Idénergie’s river turbine has an embedded smart converter that allows the conversion of the energy harnessed from the water current into electricity.In addition, it gives the user better control by automatically regulating the rotational speed of the turbine thus extracting maximum
power from the current.

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Take advantage of many
innovative features

Besides converting the energy of the river into electricity, the built-in smart converter includes many additional
features including a self-starting turbine, continuous power optimization,
remote monitoring capabilities, an emergency brake and many more to come.

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Customized for
your river

Designed to perform even in shallow depths of
two feet (60 cm) of water and current velocities
as low as 1 m/s or higher, the river turbine easily
adapts to the specific conditions of your site.

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Zero debris concept

Freely suspended turbines, a simple and smooth external structure as well as a rotational
all decrease the risks of debris accumulation.

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Reduce your energy costs

Did you know that a single river turbine, at maximum capacity,
generates as much energy as 12 solar panels!
Its energy production also represents annual savings of 50 %
of the maintenance cost compared with a gasoline-powered generator.

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In harmony with
the river ecosystem

By taking into account numerous studies estimating the interactions of the turbines with the ecosystems, Idénergie designed its product in order to minimize the impact on the aquatic fauna and its habitat. Studies have shown that Darrieus-type turbines, the kind used by Idénergie, present no harm to the river’s ecosystem.

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Mostly made of noble metals such as aluminum and other environmentally-friendly, components, the turbine is the greenest among all available renewable energy products. These materials do not react with the environment and are easily recyclable, ensuring a substantial end-of-life value.

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