Idenergie Visit India with Canada’s Energy Minister

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Idénergie sent its president Mr. Pierre Blanchet to India last week to participate to the Canadian trade mission accompanying the Canadian Minister of Energy, the Honorable James Gordon Carr. This mission took place in conjunction with the Renewable Energy India Expo in New Delhi, where all of the world’s renewable energy companies met.

The trip then continued with several receptions, including the Canadian Embassy and the summit of the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai. Among the formal meetings, we had the opportunity to present our innovations to India’s Minister of Energy, the Honorable Piyush Goyal. This one liked the potential of our machine and indicated that the price would be the differentiating factor in India.

To this end, the second part of the trip consisted of exploring with Tata power the possibilities of deploying technology in India. We visited, among others, potential manufacturers such as a subcontractor of Tata in the field of electric motors, to explore the manufacturing of our units in India for the Asian market. Then we visited a potential site for a demonstration in an evacuation canal of the Bhira hydroelectric plant.

The team is looking forward to a demonstration that will attract interested parties and increase interest in this technology in India. To be continued in 2017 …